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Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cleaning &
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Services

Blind Cleaning Comparison Chart

Self-Cleaning Approach
A All Clean Technology
Hand-Wiping   Uncomfortable, some dust cleaned, some dust spread around.   All dust gently removed!
Dust, Dirt, Pollen, Grease & Nicotine   A portion is cleaned but most is smeared around, causing discoloration and oxidation.   All contaminates are gently removed - no discoloration or oxidation.
Painted Finish   Conventional cleaning with harsh chemicals damages the finish, causing oxidation.   Paint's natural luster is restored, preventing oxidation.
Moving Parts and Life   Often left uncleaned.
Decreases life of the blind.
  All moving parts are cleaned, extending the life of your blinds!
Convenience   Inconvenient, therefore easy to postpone.   Very Convenient!
Take-down and re-hang service included.
Cleaning Time   Very slow with hours of tedious work!   Fast! 24 hour service available.


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