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Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cleaning &
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Services

Accoustic Ceiling Tile Cleaning


    • IMPRESSIVE COST SAVINGS! Costs less than 50% of a professional paint job and up to 75% savings over tile replacement!

    • KEEPS ABSORBING SOUND! Painting destroys ceiling acoustical values. You pay dearly for the sound absorption properties!

    • IMPORTANT! KEEPS FIRE RETARDANCY VALUES! Paint on a ceiling can give fire a fast path to increased structural damage and add safety hazards for persons in the building.

    • BRIGHTENS YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Instead of painting, replacing tile or adding new light fixtures, use the A All Clean Process to increases your areas luminosity. That's real energy consciousness, with cost savings built right in!

    • DISINFECTS, SANITIZES AND DEODORIZES, TOO! Our services do all this in addition to removing the dirt! The A All Clean Process is absolutely necessary for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and restaurants where ceilings are too often overlooked!

    • WE WON'T BE IN YOUR WAY! Our insured, bonded, and specially trained service crews work quickly and come in at your convenience. You will appreciate this quiet and mess-free operation.

    • SPECIAL METHODS FOR SPECIAL PROBLEMS! Dirty vent areas, water stains and other problems are no problem with A All Clean.

We are experts in cleaning ceilings for restaurants, bakeries, commercial buildings and more. Our professional methods result in your ceilings looking brighter, regardless of ceiling type:

      • Acoustic Ceiling
  • Rock Vinyl Ceiling
  • Tile Ceiling
  • Textured Ceiling

Our comprehensive cleaning process offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to painting or tile replacement. Contact A All Clean to arrange an appointment. We’ll do all the work at a time that won’t impact your business.


We can clean these - to look like new!



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