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What type of services does A All Clean provide?
A All Clean specializes in cleaning acoustic and other types of ceiling tile, and new tile ceiling installation. We also do fire and water restorations and provide other specialty cleaning services.

How does this tile cleaning process work?
A All Clean has developed their own cleaning solutions and methods of application to provide maximum cleaning benefits for all types of tile. This allows them to draw out dirt, grease, odors and stains from your ceilings.

Is there anything else that A All Clean cleans on the ceiling?
Check your individual work estimate for an exact outline of what will be cleaned for the listed price. A All Clean routinely cleans vents, sprinkler heads, grid, and most everything included on the typical ceiling. Arrangements can be made to clean walls or specialty items such as light lenses and fixtures, ceiling fans, decorative articles, stove vents, metal awnings and other unusual surfaces or difficult cleaning situations.

How do I know if I am getting my ceilings cleaned to the maximum?
A All Clean will often "test clean" a sample of your tile to arrive at the right combination of solutions and application methods before beginning work. If a test tile is done, you will be able to see ahead of time what the results will be.

What are the price estimates based on?
The price estimates are based on the condition of soiling, type of tile (some types are more labor intensive to clean), method of cleaning, and amount of area to be cleaned.

Wouldn't it just be simpler to paint my tile ceiling when it gets soiled?
Ceiling tile should never be painted. Painting will destroy the acoustic property of your tile. It will cause your tile to stick to the metal grid and eliminate it's fire retardant properties. If tile is painted, it is very difficult to ever clean it again. Also, painting will not clean other ceiling fixtures that may be soiled such as the vents, sprinklers and speakers.

What are the advantages of cleaning the ceiling tile over replacing with new tile?
Cleaning can restore ceiling tiles to a like-new condition at a huge cost savings over replacement. Replacing can be very messy and interfere with normal business operations. Generally, if tile are soiled, all fixtures on the ceiling (vents, sprinklers, speakers, grid, etc.) are soiled also. Simply replacing the tile does not take care of these additional problems. Persons concerned with environmental waste can feel good about "recycling" their ceiling tile by cleaning rather than adding unnecessary waste to landfills by throwing away perfectly good tile whose only flaw is being soiled.

Are there any other advantages for cleaning my ceilings?
A clean, bright ceiling can illuminate your areas without the cost of adding lighting. This brightness is something that your customers and employees will notice. Also, this method disinfects, sanitizes and removes stubborn odors in addition to removing soil, grease and stains. These qualities are vital for health care facilities, schools and restaurants.

Can A All Clean clean up tile that are badly stained with nicotine or water spots?
Results vary but generally tough stains including water spots can be improved. If this is a concern, ask that a "test tile" be done to evaluate this.

How can I be sure that the cleaning solutions are safe for my business?
A All Clean tests and develops their own solutions and they are constantly looking for ways to improve them. All solutions are safety tested and meet OSHA requirements. Further printed information is available in the form of Material Safety Data Sheets on request.

Will having my ceilings cleaned interfere with my normal business operations?
There is routinely NO business interruption. All work is scheduled at the client's convenience and is most often performed only during the hours the business is closed or at non-peak times.

I have a lot of merchandise and fixtures in my business. How can I be sure that this process will not harm them?
This process is relatively mess-free and will not harm merchandise, fixtures or even plants. However, precautions are always taken to cover all client property with tarps or plastic prior to beginning work.

After A All Clean leaves what will have to be done to open back up for business?
A All Clean leaves everything as good or better than when they started. All clutter or mess is cleared away and any cleaning that is necessary is done thoroughly. The client should not have to do anything to open back up for business. Also, with Ceiling Pro there is no unpleasant lingering odor as with painting.

What happens if testing my ceiling tile does not show significant cleaning improvement?
Occasionally ceiling tile may be so old or so soiled that they demonstrate permanent color change impossible to improve with A All Clean's cleaning methods. In this case there is a method called "top coating" or "pro-coating" that can still restore a like-new appearance without painting or replacement. The "top coat" system allows complete sound absorbing and fire retardant properties to remain intact. It does not cause tiles to stick to the grid.

Once I have my ceilings cleaned can I go a long time before having them cleaned again?
Through experience, it has been found that ceilings can be returned to like-new appearance much more easily if they are cleaned BEFORE they become heavily soiled. This is especially true of areas where heavy soiling is likely such as restaurants and kitchens. This is why many A All Clean clients make arrangements for routine cleanings to keep their ceilings looking new. There is also the option of a routine "Maintenance Agreement" preferred by clients to insure clean facilities and plan for maintenance budgets.

What if I have a problem?
A All Clean prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. As a result, we have a long list of satisfied clients. All work is guaranteed and we will work with you to resolve any problems should the need arise.

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