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Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cleaning &
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

“cleaning - so that you don't have to!”

We Clean All Types

    • Venetian Blinds
    • Silhouette Shades
    • Pleated Shades
    • Duette Shades
    • Luminette Sheers
    • Vignette
    • All types of vertical blinds
    • Blind Cleaning
  • Ultrasound works like this:

    Ultrasound is created by generators which produce high frequency electricity. This high frequency electricity is then converted to mechanical energy or sound waves through a transducer, which literally makes these waves vibrate.

    As these vibrating sound waves travel through water, microscopic bubbles form and repeatedly implode upon a given surface. This powerful action removes visible and even microscopic dirt particles making a dirty mini-blind or any other object cleaner than alternative methods. Not only is this ultrasonic cleaning method completely user-friendly and extremely effective, but it is fast, safe, and gentle.


  • Ultrasonic blind cleaning extends the life of the working mechanisms of your window blinds, allowing them to operate more efficiently and reducing replacement costs over time. 
  • It also improves employee health by eliminating a major source of indoor allergens such as dust, pollen and germs.



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